Pre-registration: April 4th to September 15th
Admission list publication: September 18th
Registration period:  September 20th to 30th
Official instructions for registration (Spanish)

Registration fee

The course is 30ECTS and its price is 1500€ (50€ per ECTS). A pre-registration fee of 100€ is required.

Registration period and proceedings

The pre-registration period is open from April 4th to September 15th, and its must follow the instructions in the USAL web. Optionally, the pre-registreged students may send emails to the course director ( for doubts or additional information. The maximum number of registered students is 25. In case we have more than 25 pre-registrations, there will be a selection process as detailed here, requiring additional information from the pre-registered students if necessary, and publishing the admitted list and waiting list on September 24th. Resigtration period will be open from September 20th to 30th for admitted students.

Admission profile

This course aims to close the gap between bioinformatics and people from the biomedical areas or exact sciences. It is therefore designed for:

  • Grad students:
    • On Biology and Biotechnology
    • On Computer Science, Statistics, Physics or Mathematics.
    • On Medicine, Chemistry, Pharmacy or Environmental Sciences.
  • Postgrad and postdoc students from laboratories or research groups on related areas.
  • Any other professional on the area such as lab technicians or senior researchers.

The course adapts by means of itineraries and recognitions to the needs and knowledge of each knowledge branck. Timetables search to avoid overlap with day work or studies (European timetables).


In order to guarantee personalized care of each student, the maximum number of accepted students by year is 25. If there are less than 10 registered students, the course is not viable economically, so it will be cancelled for that year, and the pre-registration fee returned. Since 2020, the course was never cancelled, anyways.