Structure, function and bioinformatic genome analysis

  • Genetic and epigenetic information. Evolution and diversity
  • Structure and fuction of human genome and pathological alterations.
  • Sequencing methods, introduction to their visualization and analysis.
  • Metagenomics and epigenomics.
  • Genome design and edition. Systems biology and synthetic biology.

Type: Mandatory
Semestre: 1º (septiembre)
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Francisco Antequera (
Alicia García (
Laura Durán (


The student will acquire an integrated view of the logic by which the information encoded in genomes direct the organisms’ functions. Such knowledge is key to give biological sense to the data that will be analyzed on other subjects. The student will also acquired skills on the building of DNA libraries for their posterior high-throughput sequencing and the interpretation of genomic data on a biological an biomedical level.