Over 75% of our students are already using the skills developed on the course to their jobs or projects, sometime during the course.

«It’s a very useful course. The basis of the main programming languages used in bioinformatics are settled (Python, R and UNIX). There are diverse subjects, from statistics to genomics and more specific things as DNA and RNA-seq, so you get the knowledge you need to process the types of data that handles any molecular biology lab nowadays. I must say I use everyday the skills acquired during the course for the Agrobiotechology thesis I’m developing.» (Sara Gómez Jiménez, student)

«Teachers are there for question solving. The UNIX subject is very useful for the forthcoming subjects.» (student, from anonymous polls)

«The practical classes and the general content were great and up to date.» (student, from anonymous polls)

«I emphasize the relaxed environment and the teacher’s closeness.» (student, from anonymous polls)

«The course has served me to improve several aspects of my research project. Especially about statistics, database usage and the automation of certain analyses. I’m pretty sure it will be very useful for me in the future.» (student, from anonymous polls)